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First-Ever "Manpower Conference in Chennai with Signing of Treaty of Chennai."

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PeopleWorldwide - Pre-Deployment Training for F&B.
PeopleWorldwide - Manufacturing Recruitment China 2017
PeopleWorldwide - Manufacturing Operators in China
PeopleWorldwide - Housekeeping Recruitment in Shanghai May 2017

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PeopleWorldwide - Marine Trade Testing in Chennai, September 2018
PeopleWorldwide: Skilled Trade Marine Recruitment in Trichy India
PeopleWorldwide: Skilled Trade Recruitment in India May 2018
PeopleWorldwide: 4G FCAW Welding in Trichy, India May 2018

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PeopleWorldwide - Recruitment of Nursing Scholars Vietnam, Sep 2018
PeopleWorldwide - Healthcare Recruitment for Nurses in Taiwan
Asian Nursing Scholarship Started
Vietnam Scholars for Healthcare 2017
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